How can you help us?

Sometimes, some of you want to go above and beyond simply being users. We love your passion for the app and definitely won't refuse any help! :)

Here are some ways to help us out:
  1. If you speak another language than English or French, we'd LOVE your help translating the app in your language! You can help us translate the app here:
  2. If you have a blog or know someone that can write something about TV Time, we'd be honored to have them write something about us! There are so many TV show fans that would love to know that TV Time exists. Help spread the word about our shared community. <3
  3. Get your friends on TV Time!
  4. Make a demo of TV Time and put it on Youtube - we also love seeing creative videos from our fans telling us why they love TV Time or talking to us about their favorite shows!
  5. Send us feedback or just come say hi! Our users are our life just as much as TV is. 

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