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Bring back "new shows" on the discover tab

Why has discover become a lot worse. I really like how it was before. being able to see the shows that have been cancelled, new shows and trending all in one page was so good

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    niv shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Emma commented  · 

        The old style was much better

      • ibramyqg commented  · 

        Yes, that's something that I've also thought, it would definitely be a good function

      • Cindy commented  · 

        Est ce qu’il quelqu’un qui nous lis !
        Stp on veut new show si c’est pas possible nous le dire svp!

      • vaishnavi05 commented  · 

        The discover sucks, bring back the old discover

      • Raquel commented  · 

        pleaseee bring it back

      • tchopa commented  · 

        yes please, this way off you trying to select for the user is completely crap... nothing to do with my taste. you will lose users for sure

      • Rainmist commented  · 

        I would prefer to have my recommendations start with series that will start in the future please. I would like to know they are coming so that I may start them at the beginning

      • Chinmay commented  · 

        New shows definitely needs to come back.

        I just tried to find new shows, under upcoming. I get zero results.

        And I know this is false because I know most of the things coming but I just can’t add them. I can obviously search one by one but that would take too long.
        I also don’t want to do it automatically like tract. I just want to manually see a list of new shows and add with a simple click like before.

        As far as I recall this feature has changed like 4 times now. Usually each time it was better and kept same stuff but added new.
        This time it removed crucial feature.

      • Raghul commented  · 

        I used to find newly announced shows on discover section now I can't.

      • Cindy commented  · 

        New showww???

      • Márcio Moreira commented  · 

        yes, Please! I miss knowing when new pilots will air

      • Tammy commented  · 

        Able to see only upcoming shows now on discovery..... however it doesn’t keep my preferred filters for upcoming and only certain networks.. pain in the butt to have tp reselect only certain networks. Please save filter selection

      • monthofsundays commented  · 

        I doubt most users of this app rely on bot "recommendations". I suggest NOBODY still needs your app to decide whether to watch "Game of Thrones". Seriously. Fix the Explore function or remove it.

      • Michel commented  · 

        Want this back also.

      • uaedarling commented  · 

        Plz bring the Old discover or add new show on new page

      • Cindy commented  · 

        Pas moyen de voir les nouveaux shows très dommage.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Plz bring the old discover, now I cannot add new show

      • cypermama commented  · 

        they are always changing the good stuff for the worse. I enjoyed to see the new upcoming shows so I could add them. now this feature is for no use.

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