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Work offline

The application could work offline for the series that are already on the "to watch" list

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    Superjhols shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • kayyp commented  · 

        I LOVE THIS

      • theblackheart_1997 commented  · 

        Sometimes I'm off the internet but i have the whole show completely on my computer i would love to have an offline mode of the app so that i can mark the episodes i have watched of shows i have already been added to the watch list

      • chehabsharif commented  · 

        Make an offline mode to check episodes we see when we don't have internet

      • looken commented  · 

        This all that's have to be done for me so this app becomes perfection!

      • Joseph Medina commented  · 

        please sometimes i am without net
        and i cant use the app

      • Abhishek Sharma commented  · 

        upcoming shows , watched list etc should be made available without internet

      • kVn commented  · 

        able to see upcoming and unseen episodes offline

      • superficialB commented  · 

        proposer des centaine de fois renseigne toi avant de poster une "idée"

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Pouvoir mettre à jour les épisodes vus et consulter son listing sans avoir besoin d'une connexion internet serait vraiment génial. Je suis à l'instant même dans un endroit où je n'ai pas de wifi et très très peu de 3G c'est très galère à savoir où je suis dans mes séries

      • Carbo Fonfon commented  · 

        le mode hors ligne serai très intéressant pour pouvoir voir nos episode deja vu ou a voir sachant que parfois on peu ne pas avoir de réseau (oui certains endroits ne capte pas) merci

      • Raffaele commented  · 

        Find a way to display my "to watch" TV Shows even if I am offline

      • SanditZ commented  · 

        1.)Please add the absolute episode of the series. For example, if a series has many seasons, it will be hard to know which episode is it in the series.
        2.) Please add a feature to be able to save the data of the series for offline uses. The to-watch episodes take so long time to load and if you are not connected to a WiFi, you can't keep track of how far you have watched. Sorry for my bad English and thank you for reading this feedback.

      • bartjanc commented  · 

        Now when i dont have a connection available (which happens a lot of you are traveling through asia) the app simply is completely empty and thus useless.
        I can't see what episode I'm at and I can't set episodes to watched.

        Please allow some form off offline mode.

      • Punsher2011 commented  · 

        i would love to see my To Watch item and Agenda when i am not connected to the internet and if I could see see mud show it would be awesome .
        i don't have access to internet most of the day so when I watch a TV episode i want to mark them or i just want to show my friend my agenda list but they are gone as soon as i switch offline.

      • mrkooky commented  · 

        Hi, this is already available if you buy a subscription.

      • seanwlk commented  · 

        yep... you have to add this feature, it's really annoying to see that ugly text on the widget when you're not online

      • Ozzari commented  · 

        ca ce serais génial !!

      • Magi commented  · 

        when this feature will be available

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